Pull up a chair and join the queer/straight/Canadian/British/USian/Dutch/radical/sex positive/socialist/liberal/buffet/third wave/fourth wave feminists of the Hivemind.  We met through engaging in various feminist areas of Facebook and after months of battling trolls, insightful conversations, gif parties, educating ourselves and others, creating a safe space, and sharing and caring we decided to make a blog.  We love food, art, dance, bonbons and tushy rubs, cats, MST3K, knitting, science, the law, and (of course) equality.

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  1. Hello F.A.R.

    So glad to have happened upon your tribe!

    Also a proud feminist, I established a social justice enterprise for women following the misogyny that plagued the Clinton/Palin candidacies. Whether you agree with their stances or not, both sisters were screwed over by the Patriarchal Establishment.

    United 4 Equality, LLC is solely committed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to declare women equals under law to men. When the law says women are 2nd class citizens, there's nothing we can do to protect ourselves from tyranny.

    The bill I wrote was introduced in the US House last year on the 100th anniversary of Int'l Women's Day. If the U.S. intends to end the human rights abuses of women and girls abroad, then it better stop denying American women constitutional equality at home.

    This March 22nd, the U.S. Senate will introduce our bill also. It will become a historical moment in women's history because the Senate up until now has only recognized starting over to achieve the ERA which required gaining the support of 2/3 Congress + 38 states again!) But under our strategy, Congress removes the time limit for ratification and ERA is 3 states short of victory!

    When American women know what equality feels like, we'll become more actively engaged and determined to help our sisters who are suffering elsewhere. The key is uniting 4 equality.

    The Problem: the malestream media ignores feminism. Feminist women are pissed as hell, but all we do these days is trade war stories. What good is venting if no one does anything about it?
    If we put our voices, hearts and minds together we can win this necessary human right of equality and justice in our democracy. ERA can end the war on women when we become equals of men. Misogyny won't go away overnight, but with a benchmark established and upheld by law, women will finally be safe from backsliding.
    ERA by 2015: Because Men need boundaries and Women need liberation.

    Can you help spread the word about ERA 2015? Americans don't know what is at stake. But without ERA, women will surely continue to backslide. No more spectator sports. - Women got to get into the game or toss in the towel.


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