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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Babe, is this Sexist?

Crossposted in full on the F.A.R tumblr

We're back from the unexplained hiatus!  And we have a winner from the options listed and voted among on our Facebook page.  And it's a pulled Reebok ad campaign!

YES IT IS SEXIST!  Honestly, any time a company admits wrong doing and pulls an ad because of complaints you know it's so sexist that it's mind boggling that they went with it in the first place. Belvedere Vodka for example. 

So how is it sexist?  
A) Well how about the fact that a workout is treated as more important than women's emotional and physical health? 
B) It encourages unhealthy relationships with women holding the shit-end of the stick? 
C) It acts like only men care about sports and fitness?  
D) Or maybe it's all of those options?

Let's go with D.

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