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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Babe, Is This Sexist?

So there were only two votes, but the option they both went with is so stomach turning that we're confident many more would have voted for it.

And Oh My Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster is this SEXIST!!!  Seriously my brain cannot break down the sexist-ness of this commercial to describe it.  I remember it showing all the time last year or so and by mind was boggled that this amount of overt Patriarchal control was considered acceptable. 
  • Parents do not own their children! 
  • Slut-shaming anyone?
  • A Father destroying his daughter's property because it makes him uncomfortable about her sexuality is not funny!
As always please feel free to leave suggestions for next week in the comments.  Voting will go up on our Facebook page on Monday so you can pick your favorite option for the next installment.

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