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Friday, 17 August 2012

We Are Women Rally

By: Liberate Zealot

Tomorrow one of the roommates and I will be down in DC to attend the We Are Women Rally whose
mission is to bring national attention to the ongoing war on women's rights being fought by conservative representatives in federal and state legislatures throughout the country. We believe that women have the right to control their own bodies, make their own decisions about healthcare, receive equal pay for equal work, and be treated with respect by the men and women who represent them in their own state houses and in Washington.  Women are not a special interest group seeking special privileges; we comprise 50% of the population, and we are citizens deserving of the same freedoms and protections awarded to our male counterparts.  We Are Woman supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and the restoration of all the rights that have been limited or destroyed by governors and other legislators across the nation.  It is our goal to bring thousands of men and women together at the Capitol on August 18th, 2012, to tell our politicians, "No more!"  We are strong, powerful, loving and brave. We are America. We Are Woman.
Now, I also attended the Unite Against the War on Women's DC Rally in April which I planned to live tweet as @femarmregime but I forgot my phone.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again.  So if all goes according to plan I'll live tweet the We Are Women Rally, and then post pictures and do a write up. 

But before the Rally happens I thought it a good idea to go over exactly what's going on in the US that we need to Rally about. 

Here's a write up on the various acts that make up the War on Women as of April.  But more has happened since then, and there's also the specifics of who is running for election in November. 

Updates on the Bills and Laws of the War on Women

The Social War on Women

Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan

  • So Paul Ryan is basically all around horrible for women.
  • He's co-sponsored a Fetal Personhood Bill which would outlaw abortion and many forms of contraception.
  • He supported the "Let Women Die Act," 
  • He voted to cute off all federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  • He voted against allowing US service women over seas from using military hospitals to access abortions
  • He's voted in favor of forcing women to hear about their fetus's "pain" should they get an abortion
  • His budget plans includes defunding or eliminating programs that support poor women and children such as VIC, Head Start, and Title X Family Planning Act, the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, and Medicaid.
  • Paul Ryan has a 0% rating from the HRC.  I'm sure they'd give him a negative percent if it were possible. 
  • He has a 13% rating by the ACLU, meaning he has an anti-civil rights voting record. 
  • Check out Ryan's full voting record.
  • Along with being on the GOP ticket as the potential VP, Paul Ryan is also running for re-election as a Representative in his home state of Wisconsin. 

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