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Monday, 20 May 2013

Please Sir, Tell Me More About How to Feminism

By: Liberate Zealot
Lady Feminists we all owe Charles Clymer of Equality for Women a big “Thank You”!

I especially like his telling women what words they can reclaim or not reclaim, almost as much as I like straight people telling me not to use the word queer.

Also he’s right, I should be exceedingly thankful for my period.  After all it’s only 5 days a month (~900 days so far) of sometimes crippling pain and the hundreds of dollars of added expense for pads, tampons, pain medication, and stained underwear.

And it’s true, reminding male feminists/allies that they have male privilege is totes disrespectful.

And promoting classism and dismissiveness to women are surely the ways to do feminism right.

And If I was being sarcastic in this and actually have nothing but contempt for men like Charles Clymer, well I’m just one of those 1% feminists who has nothing better to do then foam at the mouth.
Plus I’m totally a misandrist. 

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  1. :( Woe is me! I am banned from commenting on his page, because I suggested he should be more respectful of someone who objected to swearing. I think he said I was being negative. I didn't know what he said about periods and am off to wiki-google.


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