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Monday, 9 June 2014

Yes, I Hate Men

By: Liberate Zealot

I’m sick and tired of having to moderate myself.
Yes, I hate men as a class, and I hate the majority of individual men I meet, Including my one brother. 
No, this isn’t just intellectual.  It’s a visceral hate, knowing they see me as less than, and that the majority don’t even care enough to hide their disdain. 
So really. I Hate the majority of men.  And if you’re one of the few I don’t hate (like my father) you know enough about feminism to get why you don’t deserve an exception. 
Men’s hatred diminishes my economic worth, it attacks my freedom, my sexual health, my ability to live free of PTSD.  Random men murder and assault women (in every imaginable way) but I’m supposed to forgive.  Never mind I’m more likely to be attacked by a man than a shark or dog, and that’s not even getting into the moral, emotional, and mental attacks waged by my brother and his ilk. 
But, love one’s neighbor they say.  Never mind that one’s neighbor, and  his brother, and his club, are holding the knife.


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  2. My only solace is that everybody's brainwashed by preconceived generational notions coupled with unholy corporate homogenization and profit fueled gender engineering.

    Check out the movie "Under The Skin", some are saying it's not a feminist film, but I'd seriously argue otherwise. It's bleak, but well done.


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