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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Babe, is this Sexist? Father's Day Edition

Babe, is this Sexist? Comes to you on a special day for our special edition dedicated to Fathers.  Generally we only cover one thing per post, but today, as a gift, here are 3 sexist/sex discrimination things!

First  up, the most popular (from the poll) option that was found while looking through Amazon (a mistake) for Father's Day Gifts.

And FUCK YES this is SEXIST!

  • It's made by Focus on the Family and oh how they suck.
  • "Authentic" Manhood, I'm gonna guess it's all about being "masculine" and heterosexist. And remember positing "Masculine" as the only way to be an authentic man places man/masculine as better than woman/feminine is super misogynistic!
Now onto the runner-up. Huggies Dad Test Ad Campaign.

"To prove Huggies Diapers can handle anything we put them to the ULTIMATE test, Dads."
Because men are suck and bumbling parents! So Sex Discrimination against men.  And also sexism since the idea is built on the benevolent sexist framing of women as natural caregivers.

So Huggies pulled the ads and supposedly put up a Pro-Dad version.  But we're not really seeing a difference since it still suggests that dad's make a better test for diapers since they're not as good with babies and baby things as moms. 

And finally, no votes, but a charming Father's Day gift suggestion from Target!

Just what dad needs, a place to escape from all those wimminz!  Because men totes need a safe space on top of their privileged existence in public/pretty much every place ever! 
So yeah, this is sexist. 

So to sum up, after a hard day of failing with babies, raising their son's to be "authentic" men in the finest traditions of misogyny and heterosexism, Dad's need a place to escape from those nagging women! 

Or they can continue being decent people and good parents. And for all the father's that manage this, 
Happy Father's Day!

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