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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In Queer US News

By: Liberate Zealot

In Maryland, which became the 8th state to legalize same-sex marriage in March, The Maryland Marriage Alliance (heterosexist group) has officially gotten enough signatures on their petition to bring the law to the public ballot, in fact they've far exceeded it. Which is such wonderful news to get at 12:30 am when you're getting ready for bed, as I did last night.  Also, absolutely great that this was so perfectly timed with PRIDE. So another reason to make sure you're registered and go to vote in Maryland. 

Speaking of same-sex marriage being something straight people get to decide, Gay Marriage is back on the ballot for Maine.  This is three years after they voted it down, and local advocates feel there has been enough of a shift on public opinion that there's reason to believe it will pass this time around.  Hopefully so, and if you're in Maine, remember to vote.

The vote on same sex marriage was also a focus for the Seattle, Washington PRIDE. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn joined the 300 "get engaged" marchers. Washington Gov. Chris Gregiore, who earlier this year signed a bill into law that legalized gay marriage, was grand marshal of the parade. 

In honor of PRIDE, Oreo came out with a Rainbow Oreo on Monday.  So far it's only a picture on their Facebook Page, but people are already asking them to make this cookie a reality.  Personally, if they do make this something people can buy, I hope the proceeds would go to help queer people. Anyway, I hope Oreo's support is more than one statement and a potential product targeted to queer people. 

Apparently Entertainment Weekly thinks Merida, the princess from Brave is a lesbian. Because she's a tomboy you know? Chris Heller from the Atlantic has a nice response about the possibilities (after all she could be queer, straight, or asexual) and what those mean. 

Laura Flanders writes in the Nation, Queer Issues are Class Issues, about how the LGBTQ movement needs to become more exclusive.  Specifically in regards to class issues and how the homomentum isn't happening for queer people living in or near poverty. 

(Content Warning - Violence, Holocaust)

In Portland, Texas someone shoot a teen lesbian couple while they were walking at the park. (video at link is auto-play) 19-year-old Mollie Olgin died of her wounds. Mary Christine Chapa, 18-years-old, is in critical condition from a gun shot to the head.  The police haven't ruled this a hate crime, but they say "it does have some of the earmarks of a targeted attack."

In New York City bullies attacked an 8th grader and blinded him in one eye while shouting gay slurs. It is not known whether the boy is gay or not, but he has been a victim of bullying before.  His family is filing charges against the school, and their lawyer is asking the courts to reexamine the attack as a hate crime, because the bullies are juveniles the attack as ruled a misdemeanor, but as a hate crime it would be ruled a felony. The parents of another student are also filing suit against the school for a "pattern of bullying". 

Berlin, Germany.
Gad Beck, the last known gay Jewish Holocaust survivor died on Sunday, just a few days before his 89th birthday.  His life has inspired two documentaries, Paragraph 175 and The Life of Gad Beck. He was involved in resistance efforts and helped unite Jewish and homosexual resistance fighters/activists. 

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