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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Presidential Campaigns and GOP WTFery

By: Liberate Zealot

Content Warning: Romney Campaign, so racist/sexist/classist

As a US citizen and resident, especially one who lives near DC, I've been in election over drive since the conventions. But this last week (and a half) has really racked it up.

Romney and the GOP's racism, imperialism, and Christian Supremacy,  in regards to the riots in the Middle East (and other heavily Muslim countries).  Also the general media reaction with portraying these riots and protests are simply in response to some movie as opposed to nearly 100 years of US intervention and wars in the Middle East.

Mitt Romney's comments in an interview with George Stephanopoulos about how $100,000 a year isn't middle income, $250,000 a year or less is.  He then went on to discuss how the debates will be challenging because "the president tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren't true.”  This from a man whom fact checkers have caught in lies 36 times in the last week alone

The leaked tapes from Romney's May fundraiser and the comments about the 47% and people not being entitled to food, health care, housing, and other basic Maslowvian needs. I mean the misrepresentation of tax codes and people who pay taxes (never mind the racist dog whistles) is staggering (through rather unsurprising since lies about taxes has been GOP policy the last several years).  But the complete lack of empathy and understanding of the role of government (to provide services and laws for the benefit of the people) was rather surprising. Or at least it was surprising to see it spelled out so plainly.

Then there was the Brown-face at Univision.  Also he reportedly threw a temper tantrum over the original introduction (which mentioned that President Obama would appear for longer the next day) and refused to come out until it had been re-taped.  Also he stacked the audience by bussing in supporters.

There's been Ann Romney's rather bizarre responses to critics.  Apparently they need to "just stop" and that we're "lucky" to have someone of Mitt's experience and wealth running for president since he obviously doesn't need the job for the money.    Which really brings home all the Mitt Romney/Bobby Newport comparisons.

Then on Friday Paul Ryan speaks before the AARP (American Assosiation of Retired Persons) and is booed a lot, but especially for the part of his speech about destroying "Obamacare". (Maybe Ryan should have tried bussing in people too).

From a comedy/political point of view this past week has been epic.  And I've enjoyed the lolz, but it's important to remember that these are people running for the highest office in the country.  And they don't think the government should provide the needy with food.  They don't see health care as a right. They lack understanding on what wealth and income actually looks like in the country. They're racist and misogynistic.  And they have a substantial amount of supporters. There's a chance they could win the Presidential seat.

This is what the US is like in 2012.  

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