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Friday, 14 September 2012

The Lies and Logic of "Pro-Life"

By: Liberate Zealot

I'm often amazed at the cognitive dissonance (or so it seems to me) of the Republican/conservative relation of sex, abortion, and women.  It's not so much their view or motivation, which is firmly rooted in misogyny and the false dream of the Kyriarchal 50s, but the language they use that boggles my mind.

Now not everyone who is anti-choice is also anti sex ed or welfare programs, but so many people are against all these things that it's safe to assume that if you're talking to someone that wants to legalize abortion than they're also against making abortion less necessary.

So here's a run down of the seemingly conflicting thoughts:

  • Don't teach people comprehensive sex ed, specifically about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STDs.  Because this apparently will cause them to have more sex and (somehow) more unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
  • Don't make contraceptives readily available. Don't give out condoms at schools (colleges included), don't make contraceptives more affordable under health insurance.  Because then people will have more sex and (somehow) there will be more unwanted pregnancies and STDs.  Also they can get them from Planned Parenthood.  And lies about taxes going to BC pills.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood at the state and federal level and provide the funding to organizations that don't provide STD testing and treatment, inexpensive contraceptives, don't have out condoms, are unlikely to provide well women visits or breast cancer screenings.  What they will do is give you a sonogram and talk you out of an abortion.  Because PP is 99% abortion (it isn't) and the government shouldn't fun abortion because objection to MY taxes going to something I don't support (gov't money cannot in any way be related to PP's abortion services). 
  • Allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense the Planned B birth control option because freedom of religion.
  • Allow employers to refuse to cover BC pills AT ALL because freedom of religion. 
  • Cut state and federal programs that aid poor people, especially poor mothers and children (Welfare, Medicaid, VIC, Head Start to name a few) because personal responsibility and boot straps. 
  • Work against laws that seek to raise the minimum wage. 
  • Work against laws that seek to decrease the pay gap that women face. 

And after doing everything they can to make it impossible for women to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or to afford to be pregnant or have children we need to BAN ABORTION because all life is sacred.

If we follow that logic than it doesn't make sense.  The view points cannot exist all together if the motivation is that all life is sacred.

And of course the motivation isn't about saving lives. It's about controlling the lives of women. About keeping women barefoot and pregnant.  It's about the dream of the 1950s where people married their high school sweethearts, saved sex for the wedding night, every family was nuclear, every woman a happy housewife, every man gainfully employed, and the US was the super-power.

It's about a world that didn't exist for anyone.  A world that in reality was horrible, torturous, and stifling for the majority of people.   It's a world of legal racism, lynchings, back alley abortions, jailing of queer people, and legal spousal rape. It's the world before Civil Rights and feminism.

Getting this world back is the pro-life movements true motivation.

And the extra people to full the military, prison, and non-union corporation jobs, doesn't hurt either.

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