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Friday, 23 March 2012

Pounding the Pavement

 By: Liberate Zealot
Cross-posted on F.A.R Tumblr

So along with being a child care provider/educator and buffet feminist I also love fashion to the extent of being a geek about it.  This is especially true for shoes.  So in honor of International Anti-Street Harassment Week I'm doing a post on shoes, which we all must admit is a necessary aspect of being on the street.

These shoes are an old love of mine (in ballet flats years, which are must shorter than human or even dog years).  I love their color, design, and comfort.  I can wear them for work and still feel fashionable.  However they've gotten wet, the color was run (and stained my foot green for two days), my hatred of socks mean they're not the sweetest smelling, and they're a favorite toy of my cat.  So this week replacements were in order.

These shoes are a nice replacement for my green ones.  They're also brightly colored and comfortable.  And they're in the ever so fashionable yellow/gold that's been around for the last year or so. I can wear them at work, with my cream, turquoise, and brown 50s inspired dress, and my teal trench coat and look smashing in it all.


These pictures show my adoration for argyle and a more vintage/tailored look.  I love the stitching on the left shoe (sadly my camera isn't good enough to fully show it).  And since they're a nice chocolate color and socks are necessary with them I can wear them all year and hopefully keep them in better condition. The penny loafers on the right are a nice buttery/cashew color and more substantial than the other shoes.  Which do make them better for work.  They're also more neutral in color and will go with more clothing. However, they are penny loafers in name only.  I tried to get pennies in the slits, but sadly there wasn't enough loose leather/space for them to fit.

Anyway, I can't wait to wear them this spring and summer (and fall and winter) with all sorts of fun clothing (mainly cotton sundresses because it's only the middle of March and the last two weeks have been in the 70s F). I'll stroll along, happy in my shoes, feet and self and shout "fuck you" at anyone who tries to harass that happiness and self confidence away.

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