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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Babe, is this sexist?

We're going to try to have a weekly installment where people can submit images, statements, movies, or whatever that they think might be sexist and the Hive Mind of the Feminist Armchair Regime will give you our pithy take.

Here's an image of a children's toy to get the ball rolling:

And holy Batman is it sexist!  In fact, I'm surprised the girl in the picture isn't a little bit darker so as to read obvious Latina/person of color.  Because, we all know what type of women have cleaning trolley's amirite?  We could have gone for racist and sexist, Double Bonus!

Post your submissions for next week's Babe, is this sexist? in the comments.  We'll pick our favorites and let you know!


  1. Ryanair advert (banned by the advertising watchdog yesterday for being "sexist"):

  2. Considering the big label in the upper-left corner that says "Girls Only" (but it's ok, it's written in a purple box with a pink heart dotting the i???!!!), yup pretty sexist. I mean, who in their ever-loving mind would think this would be a good toy to make and market? I know, there are all sorts of strange toys out there, but... seriously? What did the pitch meeting look like?

    Toy inventor: "Ok, ok, ok. So, I've got an idea for a new kind of playset for girls. I know we've already made all sorts of dollhouses and cooking sets and shopping carts with checkouts, but this is going to revoluntionalize the way kids play. Now, I also know I said the same thing about the Abortion Doctor Barbie kit, but this time I've really got something."
    Board of Directors: "We're listening."
    Toy inventor: "It's... wait for it..."
    Board of Director shift in their seats, trying to mask their growing frustration.
    Toy inventor: "... it's a cleaning trolley!!!!"
    Board of Directors: "..."
    Toy inventor: ":D"
    Board of Directors: "..."
    Toy inventor: "Get it? We can market it to Latino children, and it will act both as a fantasy playset, and also count on their resumes as training and job experience, so employers won't have to pay to train them!"
    Board of Directors: "... *starts slow clap*... "

    1. Other groups make this too!
      Somewhere I've also seen this next to images of a white boy playing golf, and a black boy doing yard work with their "play" trolleys.

  3. I just stumbled across this >.<

  4. Comment plugging personal blog deleted. It was certainly sexist, but shameless self-advertising will not be allowed.

  5. I remember seeing this in magazines a year or two ago.


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