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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Babe, is this Sexist?

Only a couple people voted this time around, but the choice was unanimous.

Which really?

- Hahaha!!! Period hormones make women crazy emotional!!! Which they do know that irritability (and other symptoms of PMS) happen before periods start right? Hence the P for pre-menstrual.  Also, not all women have PMS.
- Those "dangerous" comments (and some of the "safer" ones) are just plain offensive no matter how calm a person is.  A lot of them are straight up gaslighting.  Really, try those with me any time of the month, I'll still rip you a new one.
- Some of the "Safest" comments like "Here's my paycheck".  Because all women want is money amirite?  So we can afford the bonbons.  Why would we get married or have sex if not so we could have someone financially support us?
- And really, yes wine is awesome, and a drink at the end of the day helps one unwind.  But booze as the only way to calm a women down?  Cliched relating of women and wine? Really?

Sooo Sexist!

This week's "Babe, is this Sexist?" was influenced by the recent "Really? With Set and Amy"

Post your submissions for next week's Babe, is this sexist? in the comments.  We'll pick our favorites and let you know!

If you also want to vote, visit the Facebook group next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to vote for your favorite submissions.  Also, please feel free to resubmit options that weren't chosen!

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