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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


By: Liberate Zealot

Content Warning: rape/rape culture, homophobia

Every week brings something objectionable into the world, or some important bill or law up for debate/vote.  I can't write equally about all of these (the whole Hive Mind working constantly couldn't address everything).  But what I do try to do is sign petitions for the various causes I care about.  Here's a sampling of what I've signed this past week.

The US state of Virginia has made (medically unnecessary) trans-vaginal ultrasounds mandatory for all people seeking abortions.   Basically legalizing medical rape (like really).  Petitions speaking out against this practiced have been linked (and e-mailed to me from) all over the feminist blogosphere.  Here is one I've signed. Petition

The US is currently pretty fail in regards to women's reproductive rights (and the rights of anyone who can become pregnant).  So a general petition against the War on Women that mentions different objectionable bills or laws is always good. Petition

In international news the city of St. Petersberg, Russia is currently considering a bill that would make it illegal to write, speak, or meet to discuss the word gay or anything that is considered gay. Petition (from the view of tourists) Petition (calling on other world leaders to condemn the bill)

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