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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Babe, is this sexist?

So the voting (over at the Feminist Armchair Regime's Facebook Group) ended in a tie, so we're going with the one that was created by a major company for advertising.

And ewwww!!!

- Objectification of women, comparing them to cars. Women are not commercial products, okay?
- A very young looking model. She looks about 18, but could easily be younger. That's not sexist in and of itself, but considering the context it's pretty creepy.
- Suggesting that sleeping with virgins is preferable to sleeping with an experienced woman. Unless they're super hot and young, then experienced women/girls are ok.

Super, super sexist!

Post your submissions for next week's Babe, is this sexist? in the comments.  We'll pick our favorites and let you know!

If you also want to vote visit the Facebook group to vote for your favorite submissions.  Also, please feel free to resubmit options that weren't chosen!


  1. Here's a fun game to play! Spot the stereotypes in this new Lynx campaign:

  2. Just... FFS. Can we kindly, as a society, agree to stop treating women's bodies like they're something that expires with a change in wind? Two women - one's a virgin, one has had consensual relations with dozens of adults. Who's better? Guess what - you don't have enough information to make a judgment on their character from that small tidbit. Maybe the virgin is a serial killer. Maybe the other woman won the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe they're the same person, a few years separated. A doctor who donates their time and skills helping nuns and orphans is still a great example of a human being, regardless of how much consensual sex they have. If the same person who helped orphans also ran over nuns with her pickup truck for sport, then that's an entirely different matter. Consentual acts with other adults = not the makings of a bad person. Wanton homicidal acts, regardless of profession or good they've done for the community = this person is very, very, very bad. Any questions?


    Haha, women be crazy on their periods amirite? Also, very gaslighting.

  4. It's really sad that many people have no problem with comparing women to cars, or other consumer products. That superbowl commercial where a woman flirting with a man, turned out to be a Fiat vehicle, is another example. When we think it's normal and fine to compare being attracted to another human, to wanting to buy or own a passive object, we have real problems. Should advertisers be allowed to continue to give us more examples of this, and reinforce these horribly demeaning ideas? Well, sex sells..

  5. Here's the link to the Fiat superbowl commercial Fernweher mentioned.


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